Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Meeting The Thinker

One of Mila's favorite books lately is Good Night San Francisco. She loves to point out the pa and the babies (all children are babas in Wugs' eyes) but for some reason she especially gravitates towards an illustration of Rodin's The Thinker that stands (sits?) in the courtyard at the Legion of Honor. She'll make a fist and deliberately place it under her chin, gazing up at us--she just knows the grins on our end that come next.

Last week we headed into San Francisco and after some shopping, lunch, a visit to the Koret Children's Quarter at Golden Gate Park (seriously so so good. There's even a concrete slide!), we made one last stop to meet The Thinker. And even though we had been telling Mila that she was going to meet The Thinker, I don't think she was quite expecting...that. This larger than life statue, a page from one of her favorite books, come to life. My fantastic girl blinked in the bright sun for a moment, almost as if she was startled--then tentatively smiled. It took her a minute to process and was likely a little overwhelmed. In a good way, I hope.

She's been asking to go see The Thinker ever since.

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