Saturday, 17 March 2012

And Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I learned this year that it's offensive to write St. Patty's and am realizing that faux pas is everywhere! It was just Mila and mama today and we were quite the piggies starting with lucky charms for breakfast and ending with slices of a rainbow cake I made. For dinner I made kimchi quesadillas minus the spice--get it? Kimchi...cabbage...Irish...
They were delicious, actually. Leaps and bounds better than the too-sweet cake.

My little leprechaun. She kept me on my painted-green toes today with new words, a sudden new insistence to attempt dressing herself, and refusing to nap. At least she let me have some quiet time where I was able to read a little more of this book (am trying to finish it before watching the movie, waiting patiently in its red envelope). She climbed up onto the chair to sidle in next to me and squeal through a few books herself (new favorites: I Love You Through and Through and You Are My I Love You). She's my heart and soul, this one.

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