Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our weekend

We had a Mila and Mama weekend since Steve worked both Saturday and Sunday. And we

...made cinnamon pull-apart bread. Delicious and I think I like it even better than cinnamon rolls. But baking with a toddler requires a whole new skillset than cooking, I've realized. I'm convinced it can be easier but I have to do some things differently next time.
 ...begged Mila to just give me another 30 minutes to sleep. She gave me 15 and then the gig was up.
...explored the Botanical Gardens at Tilden where Mila thoroughly enjoyed herself throwing pebbles and attempting to clean every single plant identification marker with a baby wipe.
...I did it; I sewed my first article of clothing. A skirt for Mila. Holy crap ( it is far from perfect but you have to start somewhere, no?).
...read A Ride on Mother's Back: A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World 492 times. And by read I mean I would turn to a page, eek out a sentence before Wugs would slam it shut, then demand for me to "read" it again. Aaaaaaand again.
...read Carry Me, Babies Everywhere 489 times, same way as above.
...ate dinner by the light of our ice lantern.
...sewed another quick heart garland for M's teepee, stripey.
...painted my toenails red and sparkly.
...got all dressed up for church...
...and since we were 25 minutes late pulling into the parking lot I made the arbitrary decision to play at the park instead.
...so we went on the swings (you push her so high! one mother said to me. Well, she's a daredevil, this Miss Wugs), played in the sand, and watched the tennis players.
...appreciated Marmousch being supportive when I confessed that we had played hooky from church.
...went on a Mila and Mama date to a bagel shop where we sat in their courtyard, ate our bagel sammiches and watched the BART train whiz by. 
...made red playdough together and I tried to get Mila to keep the pink glitter confined to the storage bin she was playing in.
...made cream of mushroom soup since Steve would never, ever eat that. (I take full advantage when he's gone to eat food he hates--like mushrooms or smoked salmon.) Wugs gobbled up that soup. I'm so proud!
...decided to stop cursing the fact that we live in a 2nd floor apartment since Mila's getting really good at going up and down stairs. She probably wouldn't be getting practice like that if our apartment was on the ground floor. 

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