Thursday, 16 February 2012

Our Valentine's

Wugs and I awoke to flowers from Papa with sweet little love pictures in the center of each bloom, there were heart waffles for breakfast and Wugs had pink milk, too. The three of us spent the day together, going to music, playing at the park, watching Mila and her sweet friend hug and kiss each other for the first time. Then for dinner I got to cook side by side with my favorite man, just like the old days, while Wugs entertained us (and herself!) with kazoo playing.  And Mila gave me a wonderful present--no, I'm not talking about the early bedtime (even though she did that too)--she nursed to sleep, something she hadn't done in a long time. Lately her nursing has been shorter and not quite so frequent, something I know is normal but still makes me sad to think of this era starting to wind down (but I still think we're a ways off from weaning).  But last night, all nuzzled in my arms and sleeping against my chest, it was just like old times too. I rocked her for several rounds of Edelweiss just because I didn't want that moment to end. Steve and I went on a date in the teepee and watched Parenthood together. I like this thing they call Valentine's Day.

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