Friday, 10 February 2012

At least baby can't say no.

So this is what I do now. I dropped everything when I saw this ear warmers DIY on pinterest last week to make Wugs something cute to cover her noodle (never mind that it has been so warm here that we are in shorts, fan on, windows open- no really!). She loves my headbands, digs any amount of frou-frou dress-up that we can get ourselves into--she loves to say and wear her tata, translation tutu in Wugsspeak. So quirky ear warmers* equals a home run, right?

Unfortunately, my unpredictable monkey wouldn't even let me put the finished ear warmer around her head to snap a picture. I tried. I really tried. Not even Baby wearing said ear warmers could entice Mila to follow suit. Relinquished to the dress-up drawer in the hopes that someone will have a change of heart. Sigh.

*For what it's worth the ear warmers were so easy peasy to make, even for a clumsy sewer like me. That won't be the last thing I make on Prudent Baby, I'm sure. And pom-poms, well they are just too fun. I highly recommend pom-pom making (I use my hand!), instant mood boost :)

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