Friday, 17 February 2012

Felt Food Fridays

This is all about holding myself accountable to turn out some felt food in time for Mila's 2nd birthday in a little over six months (noooooo!). We're planning on hunting down a play kitchen as her 'big' gift and, well, what's a play kitchen without food? If  it's anything like a real kitchen without food, then it's pretty bleak (trust me on this one). I know I can buy the felt food (and I'm sure I will be buying a few pieces as it gets closer to August), but a lot of it seems so easy. Why not give it a try?

I thought I'd start easy and healthy. There's a boatload of free felt food tutorials out there but this one is from an etsy pattern I bought on sale around the holidays, from Gulf Coast Cottage. Orange wedges! They're in season, they're a symbol of Florida, and Mila unashamedly slurps the heck out of them come snacktime. I ended up stuffing mine with a little polyfill to give them a juicier look--does that make them look like orange empanadas?

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