Thursday, 23 February 2012

Getting called off

This morning started out pretty spectacularly when at 5:14 Steve got a phone call putting him on call for the day. Translation: mama gets to sleep in. Then the day got even better when he got called off for the day completely. Happiness! After a Papa nap we headed out to one of our favorite places, Tennessee Valley. We were there just a few weeks ago but this time brought bikes. Um, in other words we were able to complete the trail and reach the ocean (for the littlest among us is not yet a hiker but more a walk 2 steps, pause 2 minutes kind of girl. And no, she's not too keen on the ergo these days when she could be exploring on her own 2 feet like a madwoman.). Bikes are where it's at if you have a toddler! Mila loves the fast movement, likes to aaaaaaaahhhhhhh and let her voice waver with all the bumps on the trail, and even putting on the helmet comes with much less drama these days compared to when she first started biking with us. And she didn't make fun of me for walking the uphills. So thanks for that, Wugs. Here is Tennessee Valley in all its sandy and sunny glory:

And thank you, Steve's work, for giving us our Papa one extra day.

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