Sunday, 19 February 2012

Milestones this past week

The big and the small.

First bite of cheesecake: February 14, 2012.
First girl scout cookie: February 13th (we tried the new one, Savannah Smiles...but she'll soon be tasting the peanut butter ones as well ;)
First hug and kiss to a friend: February 14th (how fitting that it was on love day.)
First shadow puppet show (put on by Papa during bathtime): February 15th (oh the amazed look on her face! I wish I could bottle that up and sell it, I'd never have to work another day.)
First ride on the big-kid swings: February 17th (the nonchalance! she hummed the entire time I was pushing her with a proud little smile on her face.)
First time down a slide where Mama wasn't there at the bottom: February 17th.
As you can see it was a momentous day at the park.

p.s. Yesterday we signed Mila up for a 'Lil Kickers' class starting next month...she is in the Bunnies group (groups go, from the youngest: Bunnies, Thumpers, Cottontails, Hoppers, and Jackrabbits. How sweet is that?). Since Mila is fascinated by anything involving a ball we think she will take to this new endeavor quite well. I for one can't wait.

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