Saturday, 18 February 2012

Her Valentine clothes

IN NO WAY am I setting a ridiculous precedent for myself in making everything Mila wears on Valentine's or any other celebration...I think I just got used to staying up crazy hours around Christmas trying to get everything done, and here it is nearly 2 months later and I'm still in the habit of staying up late working on 'stuff.' Oh the allure of having time all to myself when everyone else is sweetly tucked in. 

The heart-doily-painted shirt started out like The Artful Parent's, where I first it. Instead of painting the actual doily, though, I slapped it on the shirt and painted the doily's negative space onto the fabric with a small foam brush. I think the lacy effect came out so pretty and delicate.

I still can't believe I was able to spit out that skirt. It's here at Make It and Love It (via Prudent Baby), such a well-written tutorial; if I can do it anyone can! I grew up with my mom making us a lot of handmade clothes with tons of love, and it makes me so happy that I'm starting to figure out this thing called a sewing machine (still have a long way to go though). p.s. When I first showed Mila the skirt on Monday (I wanted to try it on her to see if any adjustments were needed), she stopped dead in her tracks and opened her mouth so big. That's when my heart burst and I instantly forgot how tired I was from staying up until 1 the night before. I just love how this girl gets excited about things big and little, and everything in between.

And the little stripey legwarmers...remember these? I had made that navy blue-and-white pair at the beginning of my pregnancy and now that Mila finally fits those I thought another pair was in order. You know...for the ballet classes in her future :)

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