Monday, 23 January 2012

Our long weekend in Lake Tahoe

Note that this was not this past weekend, but the weekend before. In other words, the weekend before 8 inches of fresh powder blanketed Tahoe and all the ski resorts and other local tourism rejoiced.

Ah. Well, it would have been nice to wake up in our cozy cabin to a blanket of fresh snow outside, but I'll just have to settle for waking up to my sleepy milk monster.  Best consolation prize ever, no? At least a few ski resorts were making snow and we did get some sledding in. Mila had a ball nibbling on bits of snow (I tried to make sure it was clean, I really tried). Sledding, not so much. I don't think it was so much the speed that did her in, but rather the kicked-up watery snow that her face seemed to be a magnet for. At first she signed 'more' but by the second day we were the ones walking with our screaming banshee down the hill, nervous that we were dangerously treading into Toddlers and Tiaras territory.

-things I forgot to pack: my jacket (!!!WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!), sleep sheep (again, stupid), socks. I need packing training. Checklists or something.

So in the absence of sleep sheep we desperately downloaded 'baby sleep sounds' on itunes. Steve had it on a loop but all of a sudden we hear the first few notes to Gold know, she take ma money, when I'm in neeeeeeeed...yeah she's a triflin' friend indeeeeeeeed...oh she's a gold diggah. I just about choked on whatever junk food I was devouring (twizzlers, oreos, doritos, take your pick) as Steve moved faster than I had ever before seen him in order to shut that Kanye up. Sorry Kanye, a lullabye master you are not.

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