Monday, 17 September 2012


 The first official day of autumn is this Saturday...fall! We've been having this light-cardigan type weather the last week or so and I have to say I love it. Pregnancy is so much more bearable in cooler weather and I'm grateful that I get to spend my last trimester in it. It's a small grace.

We're also trying to really soak it all in before it becomes baby time around here, and this may be the last true fall we get to experience since we may have moved by next year. So we're tackling our fall bucket list, I actually ran real leaves through my sewing machine, and together Steve and Mila made pumpkin waffles this morning. And when Wugs left leaves she had collected in her wagon overnight, the next morning she found them all dangling from the ceiling. Courtesy of the fall fairies to bring the outside in.

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