Saturday, 1 September 2012

September and TWO.

 It's September already. I think I posted something like two times during the month of August. Scusa Simona! August just seemed to run away from me with Mila's Birthday and doing all kinds of crazy/fun/overboard/handmade things to get ready for it. And in the end it was wonderful. I'll be posting pictures of that soon; they're just too good not to share. For now, here's a couple photos from last night's belated Birthday Glow Bath. I came across the idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose via Sew Liberated and knew Mila would love it since she still talks about her glowstick bath from July 4th. All evening long I had been telling her we would have a Surprise Bath and before she was even undressed, not having seen anything yet, she was already saying TANK WU MAMA FOR SUHPRISE BAFF!

That's what two has been like for us so far. I know we're only four days in, but I quite like them already. Every two year-old nap so far has involved me wrapping my arms tightly around Mila and holding her close in order for her to fall asleep, and I'm surely not complaining (my arm does, though, when it starts to get all pins and needles on me). The two's so far are full of TANK WU's, even more mischief and silliness, even more insights into things I never dreamed she'd be grasping so soon, fiercer hugs, gentler kisses. I just love them. And her. My two year-old.

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