Wednesday, 19 September 2012

There's a new chef in town.

I thought I'd post a few more felt food pictures. I think I stopped at carrots around Easter? And then my 1st trimester exhaustion kicked in and I lost my felt food-making mojo. Most evenings were spent trying to will my body to move off the couch.  I did eventually get back to making a few more foodstuffs here and there, and even bought a few etsy items. 'Cause just because you can make it yourself doesn't mean you have to, you know? Sometimes it's nice taking the easier path what with there being only 24 hours in the day. Save the handmade for the really special stuff.

Chocolate chip cookies: I followed this tute--so many more great cookie ideas there! I'd love to make some peanut butter cookies, too, with their classic fork criss-cross that I remember my mom doing.
 The avocado--complete with pit--is from The Felted Pear. One of the best etsy shops I've found for felt food.

Eggs over easy: I just winged it based on a photograph of a felted one. Only the yolk is lightly stuffed.
 Those adorable strawberries are from LittleFruits. SO well made. Sure I could've made my own strawberries, but they wouldn't have turned out this cute. Not in a million years.
 Bees Felt Market made this perfectly perfect watermelon slice.

A slice of pizza! Why yes. I followed this tutorial. Love how it turned out.

And how could I leave out the pasta for my little carb nazi? The farfalle pasta tutorial was found here on One Inch World. The adorable enamel pot is from Nova Natural.

The apple slices are from a pattern I had purchased at Gulf Coast Cottage. Marmousch had found these adorable mini colanders just right for Mila's kitchen.

And last but not least--and not felted but still awesome...wooden eggs in wonderful hues, from Apple n Amos
So between those goodies and the orange wedges, popsicles, donuts, carrots, pears, cupcake, and banana--Wugs is a busy little chef. I'm loving her creations; pasta-sprinkled donuts, anyone?

We also use her play kitchen for handwashing. Mila pours the water from her pitcher into the removable sink and we try to get her to rub her hands together for two Happy Birthday songs. Usually in vain. She is absolutely gifted, however, in thoroughly washing her babies and all the felt food in that sink.

One more sweet detail about this new little playspace of Mila's...every kitchen needs a window, right? Here is hers. A glorious view of her beloved Mama Sealy and Baby Stormy with the Kauai mountains in the background, framed within two pillowcase curtains.
 And lastly, the kitchen itself! It was a wonderful birthday gift from my parents to Wugs, from Nova Natural (Julianna's Kitchen). 

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