Tuesday, 23 October 2012

35 Weeks.

Tomorrow brings another doctor appointment--they're weekly now--an ultrasound. Me see baby in Mama beyee! Mila said as I was tucking her in tonight. Usually we just hear the heartbeat on the doppler, and Wugs is very wide-eyed, eager, and helpful by handing the ultrasound gel over to our doctor at exactly the right time. She's been to all our appointments, and some have gone great while others have left us gritting our teeth and clawing at the walls to get out of there. I can't help but compare the difference in prenatal care between having a midwife and having an OB practice following you. We didn't know how good we had it; our midwife would come to us 90% of the time, in which I was typically barefoot in yoga pants and a tank top, I didn't have to outsource labwork since she would just do her own blood draws, and we'd listen to the whooshwhooshwhoosh of baby Mila's heartbeat while lying on our comfy bed. But this is a different pregnancy and going the more medical route was a decision we both agreed would be best this time (although I'll still be the crazy lady in room 5 questioning everything and refusing most. Ha!). 

There's lots more that I want to say but as it's 2 am I think it would quickly turn into a ramble. My fears about leaving behind this warm little cocoon we've built just us three by giving Mila a sibling. Some amazing advice I've gotten these last couple weeks that I would love to share. A labor prayer. But since my eyelids are getting  heavy I'll just say that it's an exciting time, no less exciting than when I did this a couple years ago. I know what's coming so the stakes are that much higher. Baby time is almost here.

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