Monday, 1 October 2012

Some rambling.

  • My beloved Sanita clogs have lost their traction--I finally admitted that when I slipped in the middle of a Joann's Fabric and for the next hour walked around thinking I had strained my groin. I'm in the market for a new pair of shoes. Preferably with at least a little heel but casual enough that I don't feel silly taking Wugs to the park in them.
  • I was pulled over by a police officer the other day and totally threw poor Wugs under the bus as the reason for my being too far into the crosswalk at a stoplight. And after he let me go with a warning Mila called me on it! There I was, attempting to explain tickets and my white lie to a 2 year-old. Shitty parenting moment. Next time I'll tell the truth.
  • It's September 30th, my deadline for deciding Mila's Halloween costume. I'm pretty sure this is the last year I'm going to get away with picking it myself, so for some reason I'm feeling a lot of pressure? I thought I had decided but last night a new idea popped into my head that I like even better. It's very Wugs. 
  • Wugs and I have made crockpot applesauce twice now. It's DELICIOUS, doesn't seem to affect my blood sugar as long as I have it in the afternoon/evening, and Mila loves peeling and coring the apples BY SEFF (by myself) using Marmousch's hand-crank apple peeler. Thanks Marm, we love it!
  • Tomorrow I get to finally show Mila her skellyjams. I'm excited to see her literally glowing. 
  • Tomorrow's also our last HypnoBirthing class and I need to finish reading all the important parts of the book in order to ask my usual million questions during the session. So with that, g'night.

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