Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween 2012

So. Happy Halloween! We consider ourselves pretty lucky since in the northeast they're still reeling from Sandy and likely festivities are the last thing on anyone's mind. Mila barfed up her ghost pancake breakfast this morning, I don't think I'll ever look at those skellyjams the same way again. But after taking it easy this morning she was still up for trick-or-treating. I think. Steve tends to get all stage parent-y on days like Halloween and speaks in exaggerations, like She'll be absolutely devastated if we don't go trick-or-treating tonight. Um, hon? She's two. I think she'd be thrilled with a lollipop and call it a day. But since her tummy held onto a bland lunch and snack we forged ahead with our plans. And really, can you blame my husband? Just look at our sheriff. 

I think this is the last year I get to decide Wugs' costume. With her constant decisive, no-nonsense narration of e-ver-y-thing, attempts to tell Mama and Papa what to do (we've had many a soulful talk about the bossiness factor), Wugs has earned the new moniker of Sheriff. Steve came up with it and so far it has stuck. A SHAH-WIFF! Wugs would say when you'd ask her what she was going to be for Halloween. We were her jailbirds, handcuffed and all, and as usual I have to give all credit to Steve for taking care of the majority of costume decisions while I've been wallowing in very late pregnancy exhaustion. It's an actual condition, I swear! He took the reins when late October rolled around and all I had gotten were those fabulous pink boots. Which ended up being Mila's favorite thing about her costume and just between you and me, I think that's what got us out the door this afternoon. We had barely gotten outside when she looked up and asked, "How me supposed to walk in dese boots?" You just do your thing, Wugs. Note the victory lolly she held onto for dear life as we got back into the car.

There will be many Halloweens, but I won't ever forget this one. Our last as a family of three, the one where I waddled along behind the beaming papa and his shah-wiff who was soon too tired to walk, the one where Mila said to everyone proudly, Twick oh tweat! and then, Kan-Koo! which is the best phonetic interpretation I can manage for Mila's version of thank you. Although in person it's just so much more lovely, with her voice rising and falling in those two kan-koo beats as though it's a song.

Happy Halloween!

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