Thursday, 11 October 2012

Antelope Canyon

I'm looking for a photograph to frame in baby's corner (a corner! Sorry kiddo. It's hard on me too, not being able to properly nest without a nursery to pretty up.) and came across our weekend trip to Antelope Canyon over five years ago now. I've been thinking about Antelope Canyon ever since Joanna linked up to this post in her weekend links. 

It's hard to forget a place like Antelope Canyon. In self-hypnosis you're supposed to visualize meaningful places that represent peace and beauty to you, and even though I've always envisioned a couple special spots in my mind, I'm suddenly drawn to our visit here. In the middle of the Arizona desert, it's a marvelous slot canyon that gets filled with warm afternoon light and shadows playing off the red rock walls. Not just red. Pink, orange, rust, and every shade in between. Then someone will throw sand up into the air and if you're lucky, your camera's viewfinder will reflect back these beams of light that look like God's presence and nothing else. At least to me. It's pretty great. 

And even though it looks like it belongs nowhere but on Awkward Family Photos I had to include that last one of us two crazy kids. Who knew. Livin' the dream.

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