Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A labor prayer.

I saw this print and it reminded me very much of my first pregnancy, when Mila (though I did not know Mila was a Mila) was big in my belly and Steve and I thought we would take a very romantic trip to St. John. We snorkeled and were lazy on the beach and kissed in the water in the middle of surprise downpours. Trust. Such a powerful image and an even more powerful memory of mine. I have no idea if the deliberate steps I've taken to lead me to a successful VBAC will indeed result in one. I hope it does and every day I can picture it, and Steve always ends his relaxation talks with me telling me that it's going to happen. Ultimately though, I have to surrender to the path that this baby and this birth is going to take. Mila taught me a lot about surrendering even before she took her first breath --as I was being wheeled to the OR and Steve was being prepped to witness the birth of our daughter via C-section. But we're never done learning, right? I'm sure this baby has a few lessons to teach me. In fact, I want him or her to.

Take the past few days. Group B strep. Check. Starting hypoglycemic medication. Check--unable to avoid this any longer. Already hearing the dreaded induction word. Twice a week non-stress tests now. Check and check. Mila laying so sweetly in my arms after a nap and suddenly throwing up everywhere...okay, so that has nothing to do with our impending birth but it was still humbling. And did I mention Steve and I are both sick and hack our way through the night with coughing fits? 


It's not how I envisioned my pregnancy to be winding down, but it's still my miracle.

So with that, here's a labor prayer. I had read it while pregnant with Mila ever since it came in my home birth kit and thought it was beautifully perfect. I'm reading it now but have omitted the words 'at home' on one part since that's not in the cards this time. And that's okay. I know it will be. 

Dear Father, 
thank You for this new baby. 
Would you protect and nurture this baby
and bring this pregnancy to full term. 
In labor, 
would you remove all fear
and replace it with faith and expectation. 
Please give those attending the birth
wisdom to take the best care of mother and baby.
Please let this child be born normal and whole,
healthy and strong, 
with no complications with baby or mother. 
Father, thank You for hearing my prayer,
for I pray in the name of Him who is called
The Mighty God, 
The Everlasting Father, 
The Prince of Peace. 
                by Donna Wilson

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