Sunday, 3 February 2013


Slowly and not so willingly I'm starting to phase out Dani's 0-3 teeny tiny clothes and replace them with the 3-6's. And of course it breaks my heart a little every time I put each item away, or when our good friend stops by and keeps exclaiming how she's so big compared to his 2-week old son. She is. I know this, but it still is a sad realization that my girl's newborn stage is whizzing by. She's filling out now, wrinkles are being replaced by cheeks, honest-to-goodness thighs where there were scrawny legs. 

I know there are so many good things ahead, I know this because I have a Mila, but I still love all of Dani's moments now. Her slow-motion kicks and orchestra conducting with flailing arms. Her grunts, her horse sounds in the early morning, her lip-smacking when she's hungry, the sounds of her hungry nursing, the look of her phantom nursing when she's asleep. That total trust when she'll just curl up against me in my arms or in the sling. And the smiles--the smiles have started and they're wonderful. There's something about those gummy smiles that make me stop in my tracks. Life with her is so full.

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