Saturday, 9 February 2013

This week.

It's Saturday night and I'm walking around with Miss Kitty My Love. She's this weighted baby of Mila's who is usually her one and only but lately she's been rekindling little love affairs with other dolls. And she gives them these crazy adorable names--Dimmi, Bee, Needee. It's awesome. Both of my real babies are sleeping so Miss Kitty My Love graciously agreed to guinea pig different carries on my new woven wrap (it's gorgeous!). Thanks MKML. 

What else. We've been in potty training jail these last few days and I'll be honest, I'm ready to throw in the towel. Again. We had tried to go cold turkey around Mila's 24th month and I had quit on day 4 or 5 as she didn't seem ready. It was stressing me out and I chalked it up to pregnancy hormones...but now I'm thinking the whole mess just sucks no matter what. Ugh. I'm hoping for some kind of breakthrough in the next couple days to buoy me through, otherwise I may just take a break. For both of our sakes'. Mila feels it too, of course. I know she's probably sick of everyone's pee pee pee blah blah blah big girl blah blah talk too. 

And then there's my sweetling who turned 3 months old today. Quarter of a year. She's perfect. I can't get over how exquisite she is. Her eyelashes are long, her cheeks full, and the drool never stops. Her smiles are some of my favorite moments of the day. I took quickie 3 month pictures (I do it each month, as with M her first year) of our blue-gray eyed beauty and my heart was in my throat the entire time. Not just because Mila was dancing around shrieking how she wanted her turn to draw with the chalk--but I'm just so grateful for the blessing to experience this all again. It's familiar and all so new at the same time.

I can't wait to wear her in church tomorrow with my lovely new wrap :)

Other happy moments (what were your happys and what were your sads today? as Mila would say.)

We picnicked 3 times this week. One was indoors (see potty-training jail above) but it still counts. 

Lots and lots of candy hearts after Mila's in bed for the night. 

I'm making my first ever pinata for Valentine's Day. Loving the process so far!

Oh and the girls' Valentines! I can't stop looking at them. If I post only once next week, it'll be of those.

I love our newest tradition of buying flowers on Friday to enjoy all weekend long. I think it will stay.

We got out in the sunshine a lot this week. Wugs can already identify mangroves. Makes me happy.  

This morning Wugs and I set to work making our homemade Valentines. The girl loves glitter and glue...just like her Mama.

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