Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentine's Day (and my first piñata)

I know everyone is so over Vday 2013 (didn't I just write this a month ago, talking about Christmas?) but my piñata had to be blogged. It's from a new-to-me favorite blog, Studio DIY--go and get excited over all of her glittery, sparkly, fringe-y DIYs like I did. Kelly celebrates everything and I love that. This piñata was such a labor of happy excited love--we all could use a little fringe-y gold in our lives, don't you think? My me-time these days are few, precious hours when both toddler and babe agree to sleep at the same time, but in the week before Valentine's I set aside time each night to work on it. And now that it's done and hung (that's right people! it's staying up 'till the 28th!) I miss working on that pretty sparkly gigantosaurus

Oh, and about that whole filling of the piñata; I just couldn't bear to break it, you see. Maybe next year? Or could this be a yearly thing? Bust-out-the-heart-piñata-'cause-it's-February sort of thing? So that is most definitely a gaping hole at the bottom for when I eventually fill and we -sob- destroy our beloved gold heart piñata. Obviously Wugs hasn't a clue that she's been cheated out of the whole smashing experience. She just thinks that once in awhile, in the middle of February, it's normal to wake up with a giant heart dangling from the ceiling, shining down from the heavens ceiling as you eat your heart-shaped pancakes with rainbow sprinkles. But not to worry--if you're in the Vero area and are planning on attending either of my childrens' birthday parties this year, expect a piñata. This one was so fun! Don't try to stop me! My love affair with pom-poms and garlands isn't over, but I may be cheating on them for a bit.

Other favorite Valentine moments...Mila waking up to her trail of paper hearts on her bed and bedroom floor...pinky pie milk at breakfast in fairy-dust rimmed glasses (thanks to The Alison Show)...surprising Marmousch with balloons although I still wish we had managed to make it to the church parking lot on time...Steve baked, yes he baked, which is totally out of his comfort zone. For the love of the women in his life. Seeing hearts all over our after the girls were them their love presents at breakfast (beneath an -ahem- gold heart piñata ;)

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