Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wanting to explore.

The weather has been so beautiful lately (hello spring!) and we're starting to feel more settled. We're getting excited to start doing fun things with our weekends. More ambitious things. Time to explore a little bit...there's a lot of Florida that I've seen very little of (hello west coast!) and I'm looking forward to adventuring with our kiddos. Instilling in them a sense of pride about where they live, and an eagerness to seek out things. What things I don't know. I'm sure they'll show me, as is often the case.

We set a very tentative goal of trying to get out of town at least one time a month. That was Steve's idea; I think he's being optimistic but a little of that never hurt, right? A few days ago when casually talking about a few needed errands we both kind of had a forehead-slapping moment that lately it has all become a bunch of errands. What can we squeeze in before naptime or how can we divide and conquer so it all gets done (it never does). And I want to turn that around. So here's to exploring more in 2013, and seeing Florida with fresh eyes.

Some pictures from a few recent, very local adventures.

Top Chef live finale!!
I crammed in the last of my CEU's for my Florida OT license with two whole days to spare! A record for me. Must celebrate!

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