Friday, 29 March 2013

Eggs, bunnies and hunts.

Okay guys. I'll make this short and sweet since this post is 1) one massive photo dump and 2) IT'S PAST 1 AM WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. And if you're in a hurry like me, just scroll down to those photos at the end where the big bunny himself is squeezing the living stuffings out o' my Wugs. Pure gold! Although it may not seem like it, Mila was tickled pink by the Easter bunny, in sharp contrast to last year where she, not yet stringing words together, commanded him to WALK! WALK! (away from her). Oh no. This year, very much in command of her presence, she hugged him not once but twice before telling him she loved him. Before you awww I should note that Mila repeatedly told a dead fish how much she loved him just last week. True story. He was floating around in a fisherman's bucket and Mila only had eyes for the fish. Ocean, what ocean?

And to sum up on the eggs, here were my top 2013 faves: nail polish marbled eggs (exclamation point! exclamation point! exclamation point!), anything with the neon dyes (I had never even heard of neon dyes...where have I been?!), and our cascarones-- confetti (and fruit loops and glitter)- filled eggs that we broke over each others' heads at a picnic with friends. So fun!

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