Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The fair.

It was my girls' first time at the fair, technically the Indian River County Firefighter's Fair but really the formal title isn't needed. Everyone around here knows what you're talking about (much respect to firefighters though). I can still remember going with my girlfriends when I was in junior high and high school, trying to abide by what I thought was a ridiculous curfew (I get it now, Marm!) and I'm excited to experience it now through my littles' eyes. I hope they don't find the carnies scary like I did (but I hope they steer clear), I hope they like the crazy upside-down rides like I do, and can't wait until we can all race down the tall slide together, each of us in a lane with a raggedy carpet square.

And now it really feels like I've come back home.

p.s. I tried fried oreos for the first time. I kinda liked it while eating it? But then immediately regretted it. So I guess I won't be getting that again.

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