Monday, 4 March 2013

And a haff.

My Mila celebrated an unbirthday last Friday (we celebrate it on March 1st unless it's a leap year. We all wore party hats at breakfast, even Dani (gosh I wish I had captured that with my camera! but she didn't care for the strap and it came off quickly). There wasn't much time the night before to pull a lot together, but Wugs' stuffed animals and dolls were decked out in all her dress-up clothes and glasses, there was a washi-tape garland draped across her chair, and we had dessert for breakfast. Pinky-pie meringues with cream and raspberry curd--thank you, Steve, for piping in those puppies after my little meltdown. Tears while piping pink meringues! I can laugh about it now but it was a rough moment. But all that matters is Mila's elated expression all morning long. "Me's two and a haff today!" As I was clearing breakfast plates she was singing, "Haaaappy berfday to myself, haaappy berfday to myself...yaaaaaaay!" and then, "Mama, why are you not saying 'aaaaand maaaaany moooore?" What a girl, that one. 

Reading that I still can't believe she's become so articulate, speaking in complex sentences and connecting ideas. This was the baby with the jet-black eyes that locked into mine while I was still on the operating table. It was five minutes ago, and it was a lifetime ago.

Halfway through her second year, Mila is certainly doing all the normal boundary-pushing things that toddlers do. She has my stubborn streak and Steve's mischievousness. Sometimes we heave a sigh of relief when she finally goes to sleep for the night, and then an hour later we're wanting to wake her up just to snuggle with her. Because despite the exasperating moments (for her and me!), this is a wonderful age, friends. The I love you's are sincere now since she knows what they mean. She strokes my face and hair when I go in for the millionth time to coax her to sleep. She has comedic timing. At 2 1/2. Can you believe it? The kid is honest-to-God funny. She gets retorts out quicker than I can think them. Lately there's a lot of belted-out singing and dancing, there are imaginary friends with names like Reezey, Dindi, and Duo, and if you call her on my phone you'll get a play-by-play of what is going on that very second. 

Every day we talk about our highs and lows: "What were your happys and what were your sads?" as she says. Her happys always, always involve snuggling Dani. I'll lay Dani on her back and Mila will immediately materialize right next to her, usually seriously gazing into her eyes and often with her hand gently on her her sister. I'm liking where this is going. It hasn't been an easy transition (I'll have to write a post on our tiny breakthroughs, someday soon) but I think those two are going to be beautiful together. I do. 

Happy Unberfday Wugs. And even though I know you're excited about it, let's not rush our way to your 3rd Birthday, okay? 

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