Saturday, 23 March 2013

First sleepover.

Mila had her first sleepover last week. It was at my parents', of course. We had planned that she would spend Saturday night there while we went out but everything went very very awry (more on that later! Our roughest evening with two yet!) so plans were cancelled. But Mila still wanted a sleepover as we had been excitedly talking about so the very next night it was. And even though we missed her SO much, it was nice having time with just one child. A mini vacation! It's as close to a date night as we can get these days and we'll take it.

This was the 'before' shot. You can tell she is really, really broken up over having to leave her dear old mom and dad for the night. True anguish. 

Besides, Marmousch was wonderful and emailed me pictures throughout the day of all their adventures. It kept me laughing and at ease knowing she was in such great hands.

All smiles at breakfast with her "baby Dush" as Mila calls it (Dutch Baby).

A little footsie dip in the pool

Chillaxing in mah raft

This one Marmee emailed with the caption, "3rd breakfast...oatmeal." That is SO Wugs; she would have 8 breakfasts if she could!
...with her dirty feet!
Naptime on Nonna and Nonno's bed...
I even got to see what her bedhead looked like.
Then she finally agreed to get dressed.

But before they headed back to us, Lamby Wamby needed one last ride on the scooter.

Mila had a ball and we were so grateful that she was getting showered with so much love! As a parent there is no one like your child and you want everyone to see how funny/smart/kind/etcetera they are; you ache for people to see them with the same eyes you do. And grandparents...they do.

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