Friday, 8 March 2013

Mila's room.

I'm so excited that Mila finally has a room to call her own. She did when she was first born but in California her crib was in our walk-in closet (No judging! Harry Potter slept in a closet and he turned out brilliant ;) so 'her' space was very little. Now she has a great little room, and it's happily a happy place for me, too. It's the room I've put the most love and effort into and am constantly adding little details to (there are already changes since the time I took these pictures late last month), whether it's a new garland or wall hanging or 'necklace' for the teepee. I love making things and when I get to make it for someone who appreciates it, whose eyes light up and takes notice of anything new going on, then it's worth it. Please don't let her wonder and excitement for life ever stop.

Mr. Bowlerman mobile; tassel garland from Everly Lane Design

That gorgeous pillow behind Mila is from here!

The print is from Persimmon & Pink (sadly that etsy shop is now closed).

Mila's personalized embroidery hoop is from aewilder.

Lover's arrows are from etsy seller Brittany Bass. They stayed up all Valentine's month.

The mask was bought in Venice when we visited in 2006. I happily carried it by hand on trains, planes, taxis and buses.

The bunny nightlight is from Cissy Wears; it was pretty high on my Christmas wishlist last year!
*If I didn't source it...then it's probably handmade...or thrifted...or gifted (by Marmousch). xo

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