Thursday, 25 July 2013


Steve has been off for a wonderful six day staycation (even though we went out of town three different times) and we've packed a lot in. Visits with friends, visits with family, another trip to the zoo--how I LOVE our zoo. It has the coolest wading lagoon in the summer, annual pass here we come! Bike rides (a first for sweet Dani!), park time where the planes fly directly above, and another trip to the movie theater for Mila (her 3rd this summer). We ate out more than we probably should have and Mila and I made a strawberry-pecan tart together. Tomorrow the Mr. goes back to work and even though we have a couple playdates planned over the next two days, I'm looking forward to being complete homebodies this weekend. No guilt. I see bread and kite making in our future and THAT'S IT. Maybe a little watercolor painting too.

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