Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Photojournal: Naples

I shared St. Augustine pictures so I'll document Naples too, where we went in the beginning of June to celebrate my birthday (I get to go on the best birthday trips--Hawaii, Santa Cruz, Tofino Island, wow! I'm a lucky girl.) At the last minute I was not at all wanting to go--like whining while packing and begging Steve to please just cancel the whole thing not wanting to go. I had just seen our dream house (this one, the one that wasn't meant to be) and was wanting to fast forward the whole process where we get it, and Naples just seemed like a silly little roadblock impeding from us moving forward in that process. So silly. I'm grateful Steve patiently but firmly somehow got us all in the car heading west. Our suite at the Naples Bay Resort was nicer than...well, our actual apartment, so it was a nice change of pace. And despite the fact that the weather was overcast and rainy virtually the entire time, we loved every minute of it. Lots of naps, unplugging from everything, some swimming in between the rain, suspending potty training (we were about 12 days in and nowhere near 'done') in lieu of relaxation, and ordering meals from elegant restaurants to go so that we could eat without worrying about reigning in the babes (um, brilliant!). And birthday cake with a chocolate mousse buttercream that Steve drove 20 minutes across town for, a thoughtful move on his part involving a lot of online research in the week before we left. Pretty close to perfect if you ask me. Sometimes you've just got to get outta dodge. Or Vero ;)

And now here's where I post a gazillion pictures.

Wugs pushing D Lu around our hotel suite in the $20 umbrella stroller proved to be the best entertainment.

Be crazy! Get wild!

Guess we took it too far :(

I just included this one for the expression on Mila's face.

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