Sunday, 21 July 2013


Tonight just as we thought Mila was asleep in her bed we heard the door opening and her little voice saying, "Mama, can I have your pillowcase pease?" I knew exactly what she was talking about. Yesterday she had asked if at nighttime she could sleep on my pillowcase and I on hers, and then we could "seep together." After I wiped up the puddle I had melted into off the floor, I did just that. She burrowed down into her pillow with its Mama smelling pillowcase and fell promptly asleep.

As I was getting Dani ready for bed tonight I was nuzzling and raspberry-ing her chest and belly and was she laughing. Laughing. Dani has this deep belly laughing that sounds like a bubbly brook. It's jolly. Jolly and joyful. I pray she never loses that laugh, or the way her eyes scrunch up and glisten in times when she's so full of joy. There are many throughout our day.

Last week was so hard for us. We came closer than we ever have to a house--contracts signed, walk-throughs planned-- only to have it suddenly not happen. I'll just leave it at that as I'm hoping to be able to tell the gruesome tale once we're on the happier side of the coin. In a house, a better one for our family. Thankfully though, moments like those two above buoy me and remind me that this is all part of our story. Big moments like not getting what we thought was *our* house...and little moments like Mila wanting my pillowcase and Dani's jolly laugh. I'm loving those little moments.

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