Tuesday, 9 July 2013

St. Augustine.

While we were in Jacksonville meeting the new boy in our family, we spent a day in nearby St. Augustine. I love that town, kitschy as it is; it's so quaint and charming and full of 'The Oldest' this and 'Oldest' that. I remember coming here a lot when I was little and Steve and I had spent a romantic long weekend at a local b & b here way way way way way way long ago (but it still stands so a return visit is in order someday!). We hightailed it over to the Spanish Bakery, not necessarily because it's the best but because that's what we've always done in St. Augustine, eaten at that spanish bakery tucked in behind the chocolate shop that closes at 3 pm and usually sells out of bread. And we showed Mila the wonders of hill rolling in front of the Castillo de San Marcos. Of course a demonstration was in order so here are us goofs rolling down the St. Augustine hills. Dani is just itching to be able to give this whole mobility thing a whirl as she says we make it look fun. 

Then just as we were all buckling seat belts and tightening car seat harnesses to head back to Lamb's house, Mila said (quite woefully I might add), "Ohhhh, we never got to go on the train." You know those ultra touristy sightseeing trolleys? The ones I used to scoff at pre-babies? So we did what any parents of a bright and precocious toddler who feel torn on a daily basis about how many times we are forced to say 'no'...and said yes this time. We piled onto the train, Mila passed out about 15 minutes into it, Dani got all relaxed and nursed nonstop, and it was really just Steve and I learning about Florida history. Whenever both babies fall asleep at the same time during the day (rare!), Steve and I joke that we're transported to an instant date. So there we were, on a date on the sightseeing trolley, and it ended up being one of my favorite things. Definitely my high that day. (and we're totally going back at Christmastime as Jacqueline and Adam told us those things sing carols nonstop then. Carols! Year after year I try to finagle us into caroling and it never works out! this is our year yo!)

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