Wednesday, 3 July 2013

More cousin love. And my take on the cronut.

Here is the smattering of photos from that epic, very much homemade photoshoot we did in the last 30 minutes of our visit to Jacksonville last weekend, you know the kind, crap Marmousch asked us to do this one thing and it's super important to her and whoops, we're blowing right through naptime so everyone's a little grumpy. Well, we tried. For the record I'm a fan of capturing everyone as they are and not necessarily getting a smile unless it's a genuine one. Also note that Mila has clearly entered the tongue out channeling-Gene-Simmons phase. A necessary rite of passage in any extrovert's childhood, I guess.

Also you know this cronut craziness that's going around? Jax has gotten on board so Steve being the intrepid that he is left the house at the crack BOTH Saturday and Sunday to get our hands on some. No luck Saturday but booyah on Sunday--he came back with two cronuts, the limit they'll sell to one person. We cut each cro in halfsies and the four of us (Mila was content with a krispy kreme and I daresay she came out on top) all got a portion. My verdict: I'm glad I tried it and yes, to me it was worth the $5 since making homemade croissants intimidates the heck out of me and while we're at it I'm not the fondest of frying at home (the smell, dear God the smell!). But would it be a regular Sunday thing if I were a Jacksonvillian or whatever the proper term is, or New Yorker if I were brave enough to get up before dawn to stand in line for donuts (which I totally am, I did it for Conan O'Brien and these are a donut hybrid after all). Well no. Give me my hot and gimmicky Krispy Kremes any day of the week (they're coming back! says my brother-in-law. which besides the birth of my nephew was the best news I heard the whole month of June). I can easily put away three krispy kremes. Cronuts, my limit is 1. They're heavy hitters. But as always, I'm happy I got the chance to try it.

I realize I've just spent more time talking about cronuts than I did about our incredible new nephew and cousin. I'll redeem myself with this next picture. It speaks volumes.

 See? Smitten.

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